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How can I display those characters displayed?

asked 28 Nov '12, 11:03

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Can you give us some more details to your question: what SA and ISQL version are you using, in which context (OS, language) and what are you trying to do (e.g. SQL statement)?

(28 Nov '12, 11:09) Reimer Pods

I have a column and stored a ≥ character, but it displays a square, instead of ≥ in the ISQL. The version I am using is v12.

(28 Nov '12, 14:49) pLee
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What database collation & charset is being used? How was the data inserted?

(28 Nov '12, 17:05) John Smirnios

It could also be a font issue. If the font you're using doesn't have an entry for the character, it will typically display it as a box. What OS are you using?

Can the SQL Statements area show the character correctly? Or is it just messed up in the results view?

(28 Nov '12, 17:15) Phil Mitchell

The Collation is 1251LATIN1, Charset is windows-1252. I pasted the character into the field. I am using Windows XP.

(28 Nov '12, 18:25) pLee

So, what should I do?

(29 Nov '12, 12:52) pLee
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If you want to store that character, you need to use a character set & collation that supports it. The UTF8BIN and UCA collations both support the UTF-8 character set that can encode all of Unicode. To change your database collation, you must unload your database, create a new one with the correct collation and then reload the data.

Also note that on your OS that uses windows-1252, only Unicode applications will be able to display the character. So dbisql will be able to show it but dbisqlc will not. Non-unicode apps on Windows can only deal with the OS charset.

(29 Nov '12, 13:13) John Smirnios
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The '≥' is not representable in code page 1251 or 1252 therefore it was replaced with a substitution character when you inserted it. You can peruse the character sets here: Specifically, windows-1251 is here: and windows-1252 is here:


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answered 28 Nov '12, 21:31

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John Smirnios
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