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Hi again.

I have found a strange behavior when placing two ISNULL functions together, like in the following example:

SELECT ISNULL('a','') + ISNULL(NULL, '') + 'b'

I suppose the correct result is 'ab', however Ultralite returns only 'b'. Note that I left both isnulls with an empty string in the second parameter. If I replace it with a space or any other character:

SELECT ISNULL('a','x') + ISNULL(NULL, 'x') + 'b'

Then it returns 'axb' correctly.

asked 01 Oct '12, 16:25

Andr%C3%A9%20Freitas's gravatar image

André Freitas
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I have reproduced this and will investigate.

(02 Oct '12, 16:55) Chris Keating

This problem has been fixed. See engineering case 723443, in the next EBF (build or greater). Thank you for the report.

permanent link

answered 06 Nov '12, 11:12

Andy%20Quick's gravatar image

Andy Quick
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Thanks Andy, much appreciated!

(12 Nov '12, 13:33) André Freitas
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