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How do I save the plan displayed on the "Query Information" tab of the "SQL Statement Details" dialog box in Sybase Central - Application Profiling?

Here are the steps I followed...

SQL Anywhere Personal Server Version

- Start Sybase Central

- Connect to your database

- See the "Mode" item appear in the menu bar (Q: Why wasn't it there 
  before, disabled but visible? A: Bad GUI design.)

- Pay NO ATTENTION to the Mode item, it just leads to the Application 
  Profiling Wizard which in turn leads to endless frustration.

- Instead, right-click on the grey database icon in the left pane, and 
  click on "Tracing..."

- See the "Database Tracing Wizard" window appear

- Click on Next

- See the "Tracing Detail Level" window appear

- Check "High detail"

- Click on Next

- See the "Edit Tracing Levels" window appear

- Uncheck everything

- Click on New

- See the "Add Tracing Level" dialog box appear

- Choose these values: Scope: database
                       Tracing type: plans_with_statistics
                       Condition: none

- Click on Add

- Click on Next

- See the "Create External Database" window appear

- Check "Do not create a new database"

- Click on Next

- See the "Start Tracing" window appear

- Check "Save tracing in this database"

- Check "No limit"

- Click on Finish

- Wait a bit... it's either going to work or it's not...

- Take a moment to wonder if "usability testing" is dead or not...

- If it does work, then...

- See the Sybase Central display appear as if nothing was 
  happening... but it is, behind the scenes.

- To confirm that, look for this message in your database's console log...
     Diagnostic tracing is being sent to 'links=tcpip{host=};

- Run your test(s)

- When you're done testing, return to the Sybase Central window

- Right-click on the grey database icon in the left pane, and click 
  on Tracing - Stop tracing with save

- See the "Stop Tracing With Save" progress window appear and disappear

- NOW, go back and click on Mode - Application Profiling on the menu bar

- Click on Application Profiling - Open Analysis File or Connect to 
  a Tracing Database...

- See the "Open Analysis Or Connect To Tracing Database" dialog box appear

- Check "In a tracing database"

- Click on Open

- See the "Connect to a Tracing Database" dialog box open

- Fill in these fields: Identification tab - User ID: dba
                        Identification tab - Password: sql
                        Database tab - Server name: s
                        Database tab - Database name: d

- Click on OK

- See the "Tracing Database" display appear in the bottom frame

- Click on the bottom tab "Database Tracing Data"

- See a new line of bottom tabs appear, with the "Summary" bottom tab showing

- Find the query you're interested in, and right-click "Show the 
  Detailed SQL Statements for the Selected Summary SQL Statement"

- See your query appear in the "Details" bottom tab

- Find the line you're interested in, and right-click "View More 
  SQL Statement Details for the Selected Statement"

- See the "SQL Statement Details" dialog box appear

- Click on the "Query Information" bottom tab

- See the plan! Woohoo!

- ...but, how do I save the plan?

asked 20 Oct '10, 20:18

Breck%20Carter's gravatar image

Breck Carter
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edited 22 Oct '10, 10:36

Thanks Breck, I didn't realize that this feature exists!

(21 Oct '10, 07:36) Martin

@Martin: I will resist the urge to say "that's because it's so well hidden"... no, I won't say that! not at all! :)

(22 Oct '10, 10:35) Breck Carter
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