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I am trying to use intent locks within a transaction over multiple sessions. The documentation seems to say that one intent lock does allow other sessions to read the record but not to create another intent lock. However when I try that, all intent locks seem to be successful.

In session1 (within a transaction) I create an intent lock by either:

select id, c from tab holdlock where id = 1


select id, c from tab where id = 1 for update by lock

This does create a lock, updating the record does block, but when I issue the same select statements in session2 (also in a transaction) to get (or wait for) an intent lock, the lock also seems to be created for session2, the select returns immediately, i would expect the second select to block until the first session transaction is ended.

I am using sybase ianywhere 11

Any idea what I am doing wrong or how to get a blocking state for the second session?

Rob Gansevles

asked 13 Oct '10, 12:18

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Rob Gansevles
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Mark Culp


Ahhhh, locking... almost as complicated as cursors, and changing almost as fast :)

(13 Oct '10, 14:22) Breck Carter

What version and build number of SQL Anywhere 11 are you running?

(13 Oct '10, 14:32) Glenn Paulley

HOLDLOCK does not acquire an intent row lock - the WITH( UPDLOCK ) table hint does. HOLDLOCK is equivalent to running the SELECT statement at isolation level 3.

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answered 13 Oct '10, 15:14

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Glenn Paulley
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By the way, the HOLDLOCK syntax you are using is Transact-SQL. You will need to use WITH() syntax for the table hint if you are attempting to specify UPDLOCK.

(13 Oct '10, 18:56) Glenn Paulley

Thanks, with(updlock) is what I needed.


(15 Oct '10, 09:31) Rob Gansevles
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