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The -s parameter does not seem to take effect in the startup behavior as described in the documentation:

-s Sets the startup behavior for SQL Anywhere services. You can set startup behavior to Automatic or Manual. The default is Manual.

Below is the statement I used to create the service with -s Automatic :

opt/sqlanywhere12/bin32s$ sudo ./dbsvc -as -t network -w db12 -n ubuntubox -x tcpip -c 10m -s Automatic @/home/user/test/dbtest.txt

The dbsvc -g db12 statement is listing the startup=Manual as below:

SVC_TOOL_CMDLINE="-n ubuntubox -x tcpip -c 10m -s Automatic @/home/user/test/dbfiles.txt -ud"

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 32-bit
SA 12.0.1_3723

Is the -s parameter somehow tied to the type of account of the user who created the service?

asked 02 Jun '12, 22:20

Derli%20Marcochi's gravatar image

Derli Marcochi
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edited 03 Jun '12, 08:13

-s Automatic is correct; it is a flag to dbsvc, though, and above it looks like it was put in the command line for dbsrv12/dbeng12

For it to be recognized as a flag to dbsvc, and not to dbsrv12, it should appear before the -w flag when creating the service.

So the dbsvc command line should look like:

dbsvc <dbsvc_switches> -w <service_name> <dbsrv_switches>
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answered 04 Jun '12, 09:44

Dan%20Cummins's gravatar image

Dan Cummins
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edited 04 Jun '12, 09:53

Graeme%20Perrow's gravatar image

Graeme Perrow

Thanks for the clarification! I should have paid more attention to the syntax!

(04 Jun '12, 13:18) Derli Marcochi
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