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To cite a current Chris Kleisath answer on the future of SQL Anyhwere from the product futures newsgroup:

We are excited about the prospect for SQL Anywhere into the future as part of SAP. On April 10, SAP unveiled its strategy for the database market, and SQL Anywhere is a big part of it.

Is there any more information on these topics, e.g. on statements like

"SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere [...] is planned to be the front-end database for the SAP HANA platform [...]"

Or is this just all too early to give more details (which would be understandable, of course)?

EDIT: Original NNTP thread "Future of SQL Anywhere" posted by R. Snyder on 4/20/2012 - here linked to Chris's response.

asked 24 Apr '12, 03:20

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Volker Barth
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edited 24 Apr '12, 06:03

Besides the nice discussion on NNTP which has risen from Alexey's "answer", I guess my question was too early asked for a real answer, and that's not unexpected. - I will keep patient:)

(25 Apr '12, 10:26) Volker Barth

Very interesting info. Please, can you give url to original topic? I can't find product futures newsgroup in sybase site.

permanent link

answered 24 Apr '12, 05:27

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For the particular thread, I have added the link in the question.

In general, that NG can be accessed via browser over the following link:

Though I would recommend a NNTP reader like Thunderbird, the NG is named "sybase.public.sqlanywhere.product_futures_discussion"...

(24 Apr '12, 06:06) Volker Barth
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Thank you very much for link. But if you will search this news group in sybase site: there are no sybase.public.sqlanywhere.product_futures_discussion in list. So it's problem for visitors, who don't know that 'sybase future' is exists ;) Please, fix site.

(24 Apr '12, 10:58) AlexeyK77

@Alexey, I'm just another customer (and not very actively using the NNTP forums), so I would suggest that you add your request for a fix (which I second) as a separate question (or use another way to contact Sybase).

FWIW, the product futures NG has been very quiet the last monthes...

(24 Apr '12, 12:03) Volker Barth

I have sent an email to get this resolved. Thanks for pointing it out.

(24 Apr '12, 16:19) Mark Culp

The best way to resolve this problem would be to copy all the threads over to this forum.

(25 Apr '12, 10:08) Breck Carter

Oh, yes, I still remember this quite old FAQ, as you will do, Breck, I'm sure:)

(25 Apr '12, 10:23) Volker Barth
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